Friday, April 18, 2014

To London, with love.. our Great Adventure

Hello Poppets,

My daughter and I recently went on a Great Adventure, (Yes, those words should be capitalized) so I thought I would share some of it with you. We went to London (my favorite place in the world) and Paris. And it was mahvelous, dahlink!  We went to all those places in THE FAERIE RING books and then some new places... so take a peek at the photos below and check in every few days because I'm going to share our Great Adventure with you! :-)

Oh! I guess that one isn't from my book, is it?  :*) But since we found ourselves in King's Cross....

But we also went here....

and of course.....

and for those of you who thought I made up the Birdkeeper's Cottage where Mamie - it is very real and situated at the end of St. James Park:

I'll post again this weekend (because I actually have time!) and then every couple of days for a while until I bore you to death or run out of things to say.  Have you been to London or Paris? If yes, what is your favorite memory?


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  1. Oh! That is marvelous! I'm glad you had such fun! I have been to both London and Paris. I love The Tower of London (morbid I know, but full of history) and I fell in love with Paris when I went last year. I have not made it to King's Cross yet, but maybe next trip! Great pictures!