Monday, April 28, 2014

To London with Love, Chapter Two

Come close Dearies, we're on to Chapter Two of our Great Adventure....

Here's a little selfie of my daughter and I in front of our hotel. We got to London about noon and by 2 pm we were in Covent Garden which dates back to 1654 as a fruit and vegetable market, the same function it served in the Victorian Era as well as in THE FAERIE RING series...

If you've read my books you might remember from THE TORN WING that Covent Garden transforms at midnight...but no spoilers now... we visited during the day, and while there were no goblins about, there were all sorts of strange and fascinating characters...

Though this guy kind of has a nose like a goblin...

I'm not sure if you can tell from this picture but the escalators in the Underground in London are practically vertical - this is going down

Of course, everyone recognizes this shot...

I've learned it is IMPOSSIBLE to take an attractive selfie of yourself, but it is half the fun of proving you've been places, now isn't it? So here is yours truly at Westminster Abbey which is a place near and dear to Tiki's heart...

and here is one of my favorite buildings in South Kensington- do you recognize this building?  

Don't you think this TOTALLY looks like Gringotts Bank - except without the leaning pillars??!!!

All right, Poppets, that's probably enough for tonight.  Hope you're enjoying our grand adventure. Sweet dreams! I'll post again soon!



  1. Wow so much fun. Those escalators remind me of the ones in San Francisco to the BART. They terrify me

  2. Love those pictures! Love London. :) Thanks for sharing!

  3. Lucky!! My husband was in London last week on business, and I wanted to go, too! It's sooo cool that you're there! Great photos! Enjoy!