Friday, January 17, 2014


It's Blue Friday here in Seattle (where we all wear our Seahawks gear in support of our awesome, fantastic team) as we get ready to demolish the 49er's in the NFC Championship playoff on Sunday, which is one example of keeping the faith and #alwaysbelieve but I'm actually writing today about something else.

I had a Twitter conversation last night with a friend of mine, Kristin Rae, who is an author in Texas, and it made me smile and be thankful for a number of reasons. But let me back up a minute....since I've started writing I've met *so many* people who dream of being a published author. Like, half the world.  And I always have the same message for them:  Ya gotta believe. Never give up. Keep trying, keep writing, keep improving on your craft.

Well, two years ago this April I was at the Texas Library Association conference where I was fortunate enough to be on a panel with some awesome authors and do a book signing etc. It was there that I had a conversation with Kristin, who at the time was querying for agents.  Anyone who has attempted to get an agent or to get published knows this is a TOUGH business.  She was feeling a bit down about the process and her prospects and so we had an #alwaysbelieve conversation.  And guess what? Kristin did get an agent. And she sold her book which comes out this May.

And now, only two years later, SHE is going to be doing a book signing and other exciting stuff at the TLA conference this April. Click HERE to read about Kristin's book on Goodreads. 

So you know the moral of this story, right? If you have a dream, of any kind:  #ALWAYSBELIEVE!

Make your life what you want it to be!

~Kiki  #joyful and #thankful

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  1. So true, Kiki. We must always believe and never give up.