Saturday, March 2, 2013

THE LAST DANCE available on Kindle and Nook! (finally...)

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Well, that wasn't the smoothest of launches (cough cough hairball) for THE LAST DANCE but whatever. I'm thrilled the story is out there and hopefully, it will find it's audience over time. It's a slow burn for this one. :-)

So with that,  I'm very happy to announce that THE LAST DANCE is now (finally) available on


for just $3.99! 

"They" say readers won't follow authors across genres - let's prove them wrong!

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Here's what one reader said:

 Kiki Hamilton is a wonderful writer February 28, 2013
As soon as Kiki Hamilton revealed her plans to release a YA contemporary book, The Last Dance, I was thrilled. I love her Faerie Ring series so I was excited to see her try her hand at something different and The Last Dance proves just how talented she is.

The Last Dance is told in alternative points of view, going between Kellen and Ivy. Kellen is a star football player for the school's team and Ivy is a quiet girl who likes to keep her head down and study. Both characters feel a certain amount of pressure from everyone around them to be the best that they can be, so when Kellen gets injured, these two characters come together like no one could have predicted and they find they have more in common than they realise.

I really enjoyed The Last Dance. It's a quick read, one that I managed to read within about 24 hours and it's one that was completely compelling. Once I started reading I just had to finish it and find out how Kellen and Ivy's story would end because their story was so entertaining. It's full of heart-ache and uncertainly but it's a story also about hope and love, so their story really touches your heart. They were also both enjoyable characters - ones I found easy to connect too

In all, Kiki Hamilton is a wonderful writer and I can't wait for more of her work whether it is fantasy, contemporary or if it's something different all together.

Hope you will give THE LAST DANCE a try!

Happy Saturday!

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